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    Cannavaro back to Juve ???


    Cannavaro back to Juve ???

    Post by Mahdiano on Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:53 pm

    Latest news updates about the Cannavaro transfer to Juve
    do u think Cannavaro will join Juve ??
    do u think it's a smart move by Juve ???
    do u think he can add something to Juve's defence ??

    it's an open dicsussion here


    Re: Cannavaro back to Juve ???

    Post by Mahdiano on Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:55 pm

    Juve 'fine-tune Canna details'
    Tuesday 21 April, 2009

    Juventus President Giovanni Cobolli Gigli admits only “some details” separate them from Fabio Cannavaro’s transfer.

    The news of a shock return to the club he’d left in 2006 only emerged on Sunday, but it is already treated as a certainty.

    “Now the talks will begin with [general manager Jean-Claude] Blanc, [director of sport Alessio] Secco and [Coach Claudio] Ranieri,” explained the President.

    ”There are some details that still need to be filed down. It’s pleasing to hear that Ranieri gave a positive view on Cannavaro.”

    There were reports the tactician had previously turned down the chance to sign the defender from Real Madrid, but today he assured that was not the case.

    “We would be able to rebuild the partnership with Giorgio Chiellini and we can sign him for free. When I was consulted about this I gave the go-ahead,” said Ranieri in a Press conference.

    Cannavaro will be a free agent because his contract with Real expires in the summer.

    President Cobolli Gigli also commented on their appeal against an order to play against Lecce behind closed doors as punishment for the racist chanting at Inter’s Mario Balotelli.

    “There is no contradiction between the apology we made on Sunday and the appeal Juventus have made against the ban,” insisted the chief.

    “It would be wrong to pull out of the appeal, because all clubs have to make sure their rights are respected and that treatment is equal with similar instances in the past. If the appeal is rejected, then that is fine too.

    The Bianconeri supporters are not generally known for their racist attitude, so the abuse hurled at Balotelli came as a surprise.

    “Juventus are doing everything to fight racism and following UEFA’s guidelines. We need to adjust the regulations that punish the clubs and do not want to go down in the history books as an example of what happened.

    “We are not repeat offenders and I can say with absolute good faith that the insults were heard clearer on television than in the stadium. None of us in the stands where I was sitting realised what was happening.

    “We left at the end of the game and chatted to Inter director Paolillo, so I doubt they noticed either.”


    Re: Cannavaro back to Juve ???

    Post by Tauro-8- on Wed Apr 22, 2009 8:42 pm

    I think that Cannavaro will join Juve,and He'll be great there It'll be a great year for Juve and for Fabio himself,with Cannavaro and Buffon in the defence,Del Piero and Amauri on the offence Juve will be great again,like the Juve before the Serie B,they just need a replacement for Nedved on the same caliber,the question is will the Juve fans take him back?

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    Re: Cannavaro back to Juve ???

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